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  • 1. Natural fragrance, moisture lock and moisturizing: Spanish cedar wood, exudes natural fragrance, locks water and breathes, has collection value.

  • 2. Maintain humidity, humidification configuration: directly add cigar moisturizing liquid to the humidifier to maintain the humidity required by the humidity Molekül.

  • 3. Reasonable design and hand made: hand crafted skills, following traditional handwork, every piece of wood is manually polished to make it smooth and flat.

  • 4. Large capacity to meet demand: According to the size of the cigar, 10 20 cigars can be placed.

  • 5. Exquisite packaging and optimal gifts: The elegant appearance adds a sense of design, and the gift packaging makes this humidor a gift choice for any cigar fan (such as your father, husband or Freund).

  • Grundinformation
    Commodity name: portable cigar box
    Farbe schwarz
    Material quality: leather/cedar wood
    Product specifications 270*200*85mm (soil 5%)
    Weight: 1278g (±5%)
    Product features: exquisite and portable, large capacity, moisture locking, moisturizing and natural fragrance.
    1. Factors such as the light of the shooting scene may cause chromatic aberration
    2. All pictures in this store are taken in kind, and the sales and oil must be kept within the scope of the axiom. Please take the actual product as the standard.
    3. Due to different measurement methods and production batches, the product size is 5%

    Cigar Humidors Black Leather Lattice humidor Cedar Wood Storage humidor Retro Portable humidor Lightweight and Portable stylish Appearance - B09Y82XMTV7